June 21, 2024


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Passive income with Grass

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Grass is a network of over 2 million people who are rewarded for helping AI developers access the internet. Its goal is to prevent the concentration of AI by allowing ordinary people to play a part and share in the benefits of its growth.

When you install a Grass node, the network will occasionally route web requests using your internet connection. Think of it as your computer checking a random website every once in a while. None of this will be visible to you and it will not affect your internet experience at all.

Grass does not access or utilize your personal data in any way. The network is used to access public websites, and has nothing to do with the data on your computer. You can use Grass with confidence knowing that your personal data is safe and secure.

Referral code necessary.


You won until 100 points per hours, 2400 points per days, 72000 per months.

One point is actually : $0.00078 (72000*0.00078 = $56.16).

The points are tradable here : https://pro.whales.market/?r=213765

Section : Markets / Points / Grass.

A good way for $50 months.

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